Dear author!

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We are pleased to welcome you to the Buki Vedi Printing House. The process of creating a manuscript is very energy-consuming. And we understand you in full.

Is your manuscript already completed? If - yes, then we will undertake all the activities related to its publication and save your precious time. If not, then we will become “your hands” and edit the manuscript into a computer format. This is a reception and text capturing service. We will support you at any stage of your work on the book. We will check the text literacy, correct punctuation and stylistically difficult places if required. This is a proofreading and editing service.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our chosen design style will distinguish your book among others. We are always at your disposal and ready for dialogue. Make your book unique! Welcome to our Printing House.  

A manager is a company’s “face”

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This is a person with respect to who’s attitude to customers and work the opinion about performance of the entire company is formed.
Our employees’ working hours are organized in a way that the process does not stop for a minute.
Clearly adjusted working schedules, attention to details, politeness towards clients and colleagues, punctuality in the execution of agreements.
All these qualities are possessed by the managers of the Buki Vedi Printing House.

You will get an answer to any question related to your order’s implementation. Our managers are always ready to assist you and make the collaboration “perfectly”.

The team of the Buki Vedi Printing House is always happy to welcome you again!

The speed of resolving

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The speed of resolving issues determines the level a company’s business level.
The Buki Vedi Printing House is furnished with modern equipment, software and services allowing to organize execution of your orders in a coordinated manner.

We value your time. Therefore, the working process of the Printing House is established in such a way as to minimize our customers’ involvement.

We are always at your disposal and ready for dialogue. At any stage of our collaboration, you can get a report on the order status.
We will coordinate important issues in advance and make the required adjustments in a timely manner.

help your book

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We will help your book to be born documented.
A publishing package is a birth certificate. With us, all bureaucratic features will be followed properly.

We will draw up the necessary data accurately and on time. We will post information in all sources in accordance with applicable publishing standards.

The received unique identifiers (barcode, UDC, LBC indexes for libraries, copyright mark and international ISBN) will give life to your work, will be available for reading at the Moscow leading libraries and will protect your copyright.

We will undertake all the registration work.
The Buki Vedi Printing House team is always on guard of copyright!