Soft cover

Glue-bound softback books - TB (thermal binding).
Softback books are mostly sought after on the market.
- simple enough to be manufactured
- short production term;
- low manufacturing cost;
- the ability to use various cover materials
- product service life - paperback books have a shorter service life than hardcover and integral hardcover books;
- ease of design, comparing to hardback books;
- inability to open the book at 180 degrees
A paperback book consists of the two main components:
A cover – a publication cover, being an element of its decoration, and also containing the basic information about the author, the book title, the year of publication, and other output information.
A book block – the book inside part.
The main element, consisting of a set of sheets arranged in a certain sequence and fastened together in one of the two ways (gluing with the book cover or flashing and subsequent gluing with the cover).
At soft bindings manufacture, the printed book block is fastened to the book cover with glue.
A pre-stitching of the book block is also available. This kind of a soft cover is called a Glue Thread Binding.