Large-Format Printing

Large-format indoor printing is a high-quality printing with a resolution of up to 1,800 dpi and strict quality requirements for the work performed. This type of printing works uses materials such as paper, photo paper, mesh, banner cloth and others. One of the features of this printing is that at a close distance it is possible to discern even the smallest details of the picture.
An ideal solution for interior and especially outdoor advertising is banner printing, for which a special banner fabric is usually used - a vinyl canvas (PVC) reinforced with polyester threads. This material is made of two types – the cast banner fabrics and the laminated one.
The cast fabrics is known to be more durable - outdoor facade advertising is made from it, which requires an increased wear resistance. Indoor advertising is traditionally produced of laminated fabrics, where the impact of weather is not crucial. Sometimes, laminated banner fabrics is also used for one-time outdoor advertising campaigns as it has less strength than the cast one.
In order for an advertisement to be not only beautiful and eye-catching, but also durable, it is worth ordering printing only from high-quality modern materials, strictly complying with the technology.
When calculating the cost of a large-format banner printing, such issues as the printing resolution quality, urgency of work, types of fabric used and the quality of post-print processing are considered.

Large-format printing on paper

A large-format printing on paper is the best solution for those needing quick or short-term advertising for a one-time event. The Buki Vedi Printing House uses modern high-quality paper and photo paper to print ads. Our large-format printing on paper is a reliable and durable solution for showbills, posters and banners at an attractive price starting from 84 rubles per 1 square meter. To calculate the cost of printing on paper, like on any other materials, many factors are taken into account, for example, the high-quality print resolution, paper type, circulation and size, urgency of work, etc.

Self-adhesive film for printing

Self-adhesive film printing is an integral part of successful advertising campaigns.

A large-format printing on a self-adhesive film is a bright and modern advertising, which can be seen in store windows, on public transport or vehicles.

To make an advertising campaign memorable and amazing, you can use large-format printing on stickers. This is one of the fastest, most popular and affordable selling advertisements, which can be ordered at the most affordable prices in our printing house.

We will provide successful and effective high-quality advertising and on time, at the lowest prices in Moscow. Our prices are much more pleasant than the ones of the competitors’ as we use white, transparent or perforated vinyl film from the manufacturer.

With our advertising campaigns, you do not risk getting lost in the stream of vehicles and advertising banners, as our professional specialists will print your advertising on any kind of self-adhesive films of any size.

Exhibition mobile stands

Exhibition mobile stands, depending on their appearance, are used for outdoor and indoor advertising. Thanks to the lightweight metal frame and advertising canvas, a banner can be used many times, and if necessary, it is easy to replace the banner fabrics.

Mobile stands are used not only at exhibitions, as the name implies, but can also be often found in retail, as the ability to be moved due to their compact size makes them an indispensable means of advertising for stores.

The great demand for mobile exhibition banners for presentations, in promotions in shopping centers, at exhibitions is explained by the combination of an extremely easy use with compactness and the ability to be quickly moved and placed.

Due to all of the above-stated qualities, the production of mobile advertising stands has been put on stream. Buki Vedi Printing House offers the most favorable prices and all conditions for the advertising printing.

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