Hard cover

Hardcover books (also called 7B, 7BC).
A hardcover is another common type of binding. Its main features are durability and aesthetic qualities.
- a long service life;
- possibility of a unique book finishing;
- possibility to create a unique publication.

A cover – a publication cover, being an element of its decoration, and also containing the basic information about the author, the book title, the year of publication, and other output information.
A book block – the book inside part.
The main element, consisting of a set of sheets arranged in a certain sequence and fastened together in one of the two ways (gluing with the book cover or flashing and subsequent gluing with the cover).
Binding a book block:
Sewing a block with threads.
Using this method of binding, the printed sheets are bent, assembled into notebooks, which are then stitched together.
In our Printing House we use modern Italian thread sewing machines.
Binding a book block to glue.
This type of binding is used to reduce the product final cost.